Artificial Intelligence in Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Technology choices are changing the way companies operate and innovate. Now, with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, IIoT is creating a new level of possibilities.

In the past, predicting what will happen and prescribing what actions to take usually required human interventions. But with AI and machine learning, IIoT systems can learn from the historical data. That means the big data collected from operations and business systems can be analyzed in near real-time to make complex, evidence-based decisions. As the amount of data grows, the “smarter” the analysis and the related machine decisions become.

Enterprises can reap tremendous advantages when they use AI to predict maintenance and quality issues. For example, data from sensors can be collected and compared using analytics and algorithms to predict when a particular part is likely to fail or determine remaining useful life.

Although AI isn’t suited for every industrial IoT application, There are many, but I have listed three areas where IIoT with AI can help improve operations.

Monitoring:  Sensors and processes generate massive amounts of data about asset operating conditions, asset’s basic health, utilization, availability and key performance indicators (OEE, OPE etc.). With AI and machine learning, this data can help gain a deeper understanding of production environments, identify issues and plan for improvements.

Maintenance: The right maintenance at the right time can reduce unplanned downtime and extends an asset’s life. Using AI, machine learning, real-time data and predictive algorithms, production anomalies can be automatically identified along with maintenance recommendations.

Quality: Product defects can be costly, especially if they result in recalls. Analytics and AI can enable rapid identification of deviations by comparing live data to standard deviation models, aggregating data for analysis and modelling in a single data lake and pinpointing the cause of production problems.

Machines Don’t Have To Break! Operations Don’t Have To Stop! Leverage advances in AI and IoT to remove blind spots in your operations and gain the operational efficiency that you desire.



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