Do Mobile Devices Have a Bigger Role in IoT?

As per a recent survey – 84 percent people surveyed across several nations said they couldn’t go a single day without their mobile device in hand – Only money came a close second.

Based on Google search– some interesting facts about mobile device and the usage

pattern –

Out of the ~4.5 billion mobile phone users in the world, 36% are smartphone users

Smartphone platform Android has the higher market share of 87% globally; Apple has ~12% market share.

89% of smartphone users use their smartphones throughout the day

92% of smartphone users use their smartphones to send text messages to other phones. Whereas, 84% of users use their smartphones for browsing the internet

50% of Android Smartphones and 43% of Apple iPhone users are younger than 34 Years.

Average smartphone users use ~1.4GB data.

This speaks volume about the role of a mobile device in our lives. Industrial environments have not embraced the use of smartphones or tablets yet; they continue to use ruggedized custom Windows or Linux based terminals with custom built apps which are difficult to maintain and add new features to.

IoT does not just impacts technology stack choices; It also impacts our work environments. Certainly, there are use cases such as workplace Logistics, Maintenance and tracking, Spare availability, Critical alerts and notifications, and so on which would better serve if the existing mobile device is leveraged without adding the burden of another custom handheld device.

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