Industrial IoT is a business imperative, act before your competition does!

What are your immediate business objectives? I don’t like second guessing but here are some scenarios where Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) can make a significant difference:

>Are you stuck in a me-too industry and are looking for a competitive advantage to give you an edge in the marketplace?

>Do you desire improved productivity from your assets and people?

> Do you have blind spots in your operations?

>Do you want to explore new business models that support new revenue opportunities?

>Do you want to move from products to as a services customer engagement models?

>Or do you want to improve your product quality and customer experience?

If one or more of these scenarios resonate with your business needs, then it is time to consider implementing IoT solutions to help you in this journey from edge to outcomes.

IoT might sound futuristic, but the technology itself has existed for a long time. Machine-to-machine networks and control systems, data analytics, remote tracking and guidance systems, enterprise applications etc have been aggregated into an IoT Technology Stack to provide a unified view of operations and control.

IoT has proven to contribute to similar outcomes such as:

  • New business models generating new revenue
  • Remote asset monitoring enabling costs savings
  • Improved processes leading to higher yield and reduced wastage
  • Hidden and Dark Data Leading to new Insights and accelerated innovation

As per a recent Forbes study, 66% of successful companies include external vendors on their IoT Planning team. It would be of tremendous value to have an experienced co-creation partner to support with leading practices.

What are your business imperatives and thoughts on co-creation?

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